Day: October 29, 2015

Could There Be More to the Proverb “The Way to a Persons Heart is Through Their Stomach”?

Could There Be More to the Proverb “The Way to a Persons Heart is Through Their Stomach”?Cholesterol: The Good and Bad__ The trouble arises when the balance between the two cholesterol carriers gets out of whack. High LDL-cholesterol that result from poor diet, age or genetics may result in plaques in the arteries that can burst, leading to heart attack or stroke. Due to its connection with heart disease it’s no wonder that LDL-cholesterol is referred to as “bad” cholesterol. Indeed, a 1% drop in LDL-cholesterol may reduce the risk of heart disease by up to 3%. The Way to Our Hearts Through Our Gut What is not necessarily obvious is the role our gut plays in cholesterol and heart health.


Scientists are now studying how the microbial communities in our gut (collectively known as our microbiome) interact with each other ( Interestingly, for metabolic diseases such as obesity, type 2 diabetes and heart disease, the microbiome seems to play a vital role. Researchers now suggest that the types and levels of microbes in the gut may be used to predict a person’s chance of having a heart attack (

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The Evolution of Microbiome

THE EVOLUTION OF THE MICROBIOMEThe Evolution of the Microbiome

Planet Earth is very unique in many ways, and gathering the conditions to host life makes it even more special as compared to other planets, not only in our solar system but also in other planetary systems from the Milky Way and other galaxies. According to NASA’s definition, there are three conditions for planetary habitability: the existence of complex organic compounds, liquid water, and a source of energy to sustain metabolism. Planets with the capabilities of harboring life thus need to be at a certain distance from the star they orbit around, so that the surface is neither too cold nor too hot to prevent water from constantly freezing or evaporating. The size of the planet is also important since that will determine the gravity to hold a viable atmosphere and will influence on the rotational speed to allow for alternation between day and night and therefore relatively well distributed energy (in the form of light and heat) along its surface. While, complex organic compounds may have come to the earth from extraterrestrial sources, as suggested from observations on comets and asteroids, theories propose that origins of life in the universe date from more than 10 billion years ago, with models advocating for a genes-first or metabolism-first categories or the more recent hybrid models. Microbial fossil remains in stromalites provide evidence that life on Earth started 3.7 billion years ago. (more…)

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How to Eat Right for Health Microbiome

The first question that needs to be answered is “what exactly is the microbiome”?
The Microbiome is all of the microbes that live on and in your body. The portion of the Microbiome that you can affect significantly with nutrition is that of the digestive tract and mouth which is called the gut microbiota.With that answered we can turn our attention to figuring out what “eat right”, “fix” or “proper nutrition” mean? What does a healthy Microbiota look like anyway?


There is what the organ should look like “anatomy”, how the organ should work “physiology”, what it looks like in disease “pathology” and how it is working for you? In laypersons terms, I would answer them like this…


What should the organ look like? – Very generally, the higher diversity of organisms, and genes of those organisms, the more balanced/stable/healthy your gut ecosystem is. An accurate and interesting comparison is that our gut is simply another ecosystem like the Earth and diversity of organisms and genes ensures a healthy ecosystem, gut and Earth. But one starved of diversity, where species are extinct becomes unbalanced and can spiral out of control to catastrophe.


How should the organ work? – The microbiome/microbiota plays a major role in: immune function, metabolism, digestion, regulating cholesterol levels, absorption of important vitamins, minerals and nutrients like calcium and vitamin D, maintaining the mucosal barrier of your intestinal tract (which helps regulate immune response), harvesting energy from dietary fiber, providing essential enzymes for digestion, resisting pathogens, synthesizing vitamins, etc..



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