Day: March 29, 2017

How Dogs Benefit from Probiotics

probiotics for dogsSimilar to your intestinal tract, your pet’s gut is also home to trillions of bacteria that keep their gut in a healthy state. Once the defenses break down, the dogs can also fall a victim to various GI diseases. Hence, the question arises, “can probiotics help your dog?” Research shows that probiotic therapy is a promising strategy for canines’ GI disorders.


Lactobacilli are phenomenal probiotics for dogs!

The primary probiotics studied to benefit dogs are the lactic acid bacteria. ( [1] This is ascribable to the potential of these live bacteria to survive in the intestinal tract of these animals.


Lactobacilli help ease inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)

Dogs also tend to experience GI disorders like IBD and small-intestinal bacterial overgrowth. In fact, IBD is one of the common bowel problems experienced by canines. These illnesses cause chronic diarrhea in dogs, and on top of that, IBD and SIBO are treated with antibiotics (just like in humans) because of which the microbiome gets more out of control. [1] Probiotics restore the balance of the microbiome in dogs that is thrown into turmoil by these inflammatory gut ailments and by their use of antibiotics. This alleviates the associated diarrheal symptoms in canines. Probiotics also enhance the nutrient absorption (that is compromised in these disorders) in puppies required for the maintenance of their health.



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