Day: April 25, 2017

Ultimate Guide To Microbiome Reboot in Under 30 Days

ultimate guide to microbiome

Table of Contents


Chapter # 1: How much do you know about your Microbiome?

Chapter # 2: Why am I losing my Microbiome?

Top 5 habits that wreak havoc on your Microbiome health

Chapter # 3: My Microbiome is out of Whack. What do I do now?

Step 1- Start by eliminating these 5 factors from your routine

Step 2- Diet matters. Here is what you should eat.

Step 3- Probiotics. Do they really work?

Step 4- What other supplements should I take?

Step 5- A healthy lifestyle is critical. Here’s what you should try

Chapter # 4: How do I check if my plan is working?



We are so preoccupied  with our hectic routines that we fail to focus on our health and well-being. The worst case scenario is when you feel more out of sorts than usual and visit your doctor for occasional blood tests that hint at a vitamin D deficiency or a high cholesterol level. The problem, however, has a cause that is more deep-rooted than your blood.

Your parents might have once told you that you’re special and different from the rest, turns out they’re right!  Every one of us has an individually unique microbial ecosystem both inside and on us that is home to more than 100 trillion microbes, responsible for keeping our Microbiome in balance. If you’ve ever experienced an unexplained pain or discomfort in your gut, or if you feel relentlessly tired regardless of getting an appropriate amount of sleep and rest, you ought to keep reading. Your Microbiome might be unbalanced!

How much do you know about your Microbiome?

A little something about Microbiomes

The number of microbes throughout your body outnumbers the number of cells you contain by 10 to 1. Microbes, otherwise known as microscopic organisms, is a term used to generalize a number of different types of life forms that are relatively too minuscule to view without the use of a microscope. Some microbes that you may be familiar with are bacteria, fungi, and viruses, all of which are inhabitants of your body.

Let’s divide microbes into two simpler groups: the good microbes and the bad ones. A significant amount of good microbes is situated in your gut where they support your immune system, protect you from various diseases, detoxify your body, and even assist in the maintenance of your weight.  The bacteria accountable for maintaining the health of our gut are known as probiotics. A comparative amount of bad bacteria, or microbes, also inhabit our gut that account for a myriad of chronic diseases, inflammation, and obesity. The choices we make in our daily lives have influential effects on our Microbiome and can throw it out of balance.  (more…)

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