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How Do Probiotics Help With Immunity?

We’ve been repetitively taught that germs cause disease. That getting sick means our immune system has faltered, bacterial infection requires antibiotics, and immune function depends on genetics. But this is, in fact, not nearly the whole truth. Your immune system is intricately designed to protect you from environmental and internal insults and injury. This finely […]

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Digestive Supplements Boost Immunity

The gut is the seat of immunity with an estimated 70% of your immune system living within its walls. This makes sense. The cells of the immune system must be located at the host–microbiome interface to appropriately respond: that is, your digestive system and its inhabitants. When we eat infected food, swallow contaminated phlegm, or […]

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Struggling with Allergies? Why Digestive Health May Be Crucial

Sick of sneezing? Itchy eyes and runny nose driving you mad? Have you noticed swelling, nausea or a raised red rash? Allergies vary from mild to severe and even life threatening. The signs and symptoms may be obvious like sneezing, hay fever, and breathing problems, or they may seem unrelated like headache, fatigue or vomiting. […]

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Health Cleansing and Detox

Holidays are just around the corner, speaking of which this could be the best time for spring cleaning—or more precisely, spring cleansing—although fall has already begun. By spring cleansing we mean, detoxifying your body. It’s simply one of the ways to rejuvenate your body and kick it into high gear by helping you live a […]

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How Probiotics Help Boost The Immune System

Immune Probiotics


Our internal defense system – the immune system does an incredible job of defending the body from foreign invaders. People with a compromised immunity can become vulnerable to different infections, especially cold and flu, as well as cancers. In addition to consuming a healthy diet, we can implement several other strategies to boost our body’s defense mechanisms. Of these, using probiotics is a well-recognized immunity-enhancing approach. Approximately 70%-80% of our immune system resides within the gut, with the gut-associated lymphoid tissue (GALT) representing the largest proportion. Since probiotics confer a healthy digestive system, they also ensure the proper functioning of the immune system occupying our gut.

How Probiotics Enhance the Immune System and Ward off the Pathogens?

1. Improve the Health of the Beneficial Gut Colonizers

Our gut flora and the defense system are in a reciprocal relationship with one another. What happens to one will influence the other. Probiotics restore the good bacteria, and hence, they automatically restore your immune function. [1]

2. Fortify the Host-Gut Barriers

Our intestinal epithelial cells form a barrier against the invading microbes. Because probiotics strengthen these gut barriers, they prevent the disease-causing agents from entering into our system. The probiotic-dependent modulation of immunoglobulin A (IgA) responses accounts for the majority of their gut barrier-strengthening properties [2]. IgA is an antibody that is present in abundant amounts in the mucosal linings, including the gut. This antibody serves as the first line of defense against the invasion of the bacteria and viruses into the intestinal membranes.

Moreover, the probiotics minimize the leakage from the intestinal membranes. Intact intestinal membranes deflect the entry of the microbes. The reduced microbial intrusion contributes to a healthy immune system.

Among different probiotics, the Lactobacillus strains are particularly shown to bolster the immune function. [3] (more…)

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