Microbiome Plus+ Super Digest Enzyme – 6 Month Supply

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*Aids in absorption of fats, carbohydrates and proteins*
*Supports overall digestion and immune health*
*Advanced pancreatin enzyme formulation*
*Optimizes nutrient availability*
*Made with natural ingredients*

Microbiome Plus Super Digest Enzyme: The Ultimate Digestive Supplement

It takes a lot of time for the digestive system to fully digest fats, carbohydrates, and proteins. This means that after meals, it will be a while before the energy from these foods can be utilized by the body to generate energy. You are therefore bound to experience periods of low energy levels before digestion completes.

With our super digestive enzyme capsules, this is never the case. With 4 times the digestive power of a normal digestive system, it works to ensure energy is available to you as fast as possible. This is achieved through fast breakdown of even the toughest foods.

Microbiome Plus+ super digestive enzyme capsules are 100% natural and contain Pancreatin as an active ingredient. This powerful digestive enzyme works fast and efficiently, breaking down foods to their simplest forms, getting them ready for absorption into the bloodstream. The result is a shortened period of time between meal uptake and nutrient absorption.

Apart from hastening digestion, our supplement helps with the absorption of nutrients into your body, improving your overall health and well-being. It also relieves you from stomach problems like bloating, gas, and heartburns.

Benefits of Adding Our Super Digestive Enzyme Capsules to Your Meals

  1. Helps digest foods fast: Microbiome Plus super digestive enzyme capsules pack a mean punch when it comes to getting foods digested. The active ingredient Pancreatin works fast to break down foods, getting them ready for absorption into your bloodstream.
  2. Aids with absorption of nutrients: More than helping with food digestion, these supplement capsules hasten the nutrient absorption and makes the process more efficient. Your body therefore gets the nutrients it requires faster.
  3. Makes bloating, gas, and heartburn things of the past: If bloating, heartburns, and acid reflux have been giving you constant problems, this digestive supplement works to rid you of them by ensuring foods are digested fast.
  4. Improves your energy levels: Fast digestion and more effective absorption directly translates to increased energy levels. You will have more and more energy to get you through your days.

Do not let your days suffer due to a slow digestion process. These supplements have 4 times the digestive power and will get the work done much faster. You will experience an energy boost much sooner after meals than you are used to.


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