Ana Aleksic, MSc (Pharmacy) - Bio

Ana is an integrative pharmacist and scientist with seven years of medical writing, clinical research, and health advising experience.

Ana got her MSc in Pharmacy at the University of Belgrade. She went on to work as a Clinical Research Coordinator and Research Associate at the University of British Columbia, Canada for several years, focusing on novel areas of neuroscience and pharmacology research. During her academic career, Ana co-authored three papers in peer-reviewed scientific journals and authored two book chapters in Canadian clinical handbooks.

After leaving academia, Ana dedicated her career to health communication. Ana has extensive experience as a Medical Writer and Editor in the natural health industry. She held the role of the Chief Editor and Scientist of the large biohacking and health website (SelfHacked) for over two years.

Ana has edited 800+ and written 200+ posts, some of which reached over 1 million people. Her main expertise is in women’s health, mental health, microbiome science, herbalism, nutraceuticals, genetics, and toxicology. She loves communicating science and creating evidence-based content for both laypeople and healthcare professionals.

In addition to her research and medical writing work, Ana spent many years helping patients reach their health goals as an integrative pharmacist and natural products advisor. She is a  strong advocate of bridging scientific knowledge with holistic medicine. Her passion for health always keeps her up to date with the latest research and novelties in the industry.

Ana is also a birth doula. In her free time, she enjoys preparing herbal remedies and nutritious meals for the whole family, spending time in nature, navigating motherhood, and talking about physiological birth!

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