Introducing Microbiome Plus+ DRcaps

At Microbiome Plus+ we use the most advanced delivery technology for our capsules to ensure you get the most out of our probiotics. Our delayed-release capsule technology uses an innovative hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC) polymer, which delivers probiotics under the simulated stomach and intestinal milieus. The HPMC is a plant-based polymer that imparts a high tensile strength to our probiotic capsule, guaranteeing an intact bacterial viability for absorption in the intestine. With adequate HPMC content, we make sure that you can reap the entire benefits of the probiotic.

What makes Microbiome Plus+ DRcaps Superior to other Probiotic Delivery Systems?

  • Our revolutionary delivery system, devised within the capsule itself provides distinctive polymer properties that delay the capsule disintegration after swallowing, facilitating it to exert maximal effects once in the intestine.
  • With low-moisture content, our DRcaps help protect the nutritional contents of the dietary supplement against the harsh stomach environment in a more efficient way. This enables the probiotic supplement to pass safely through the stomach ensuring delivery of intact bacteria to your system.
  • By slowing down the capsule opening and the subsequent early release of the ingredients within, our DR system masks the taste and odor of ingredients and limits the risk of reflux from the supplement.
  • They are cost-effective in a consumer-favorable dosage form.
  • They are manufactured without the intricate process of adding acid-resistant ingredients, which, otherwise carry the risk of increasing the manufacturing time and cost.

Our vegetarian delayed-release capsule technology is an excellent alternative to the manufacturers that offer variable shelf life for the probiotic’s ingredients without an adequate proof of delivery to the intestine, while also incurring more time and cost during the manufacturing process.


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