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About This Amazing Product

The state-of-the-art Microbiome Plus+ prebiotic fiber scFOS introduces a complete dietary support for patients suffering from a multitude of GI health issues.

ScFOS otherwise termed as short-chain fructooligosaccharides are natural carbohydrates (plant-based fiber) that reach the large intestine intact, where they are fermented by the indigenous bacteria into short-chain fatty acids. This scFOS-containing prebiotic:

– Fuels the growth of beneficial gut bacteria, inhibits the growth and colonization of the harmful bacteria, and maintains a balance of healthy intestinal flora* 
– Supercharges your digestive and immune systems*
– Normalizes bowel irregularities
– Enhances the production of an enzyme, called bile salt hydrolase (BSH) by promoting a healthy gut microbiome, and facilitates a healthy bile metabolism*
– Improves the absorption of micronutrients and is helpful for individuals who are unable to acquire specific nutrients from diet*
– The synbiotic (combination of pro-and prebiotic) formulation reduces GI inflammation*