Microbiome Plus for Hyper Absorbers Better Than Cholesterol Prescription Drugs

Microbiome Plus Probiotics and Prebiotics are more effective than the often prescribed drugs for Hyperabsorbers and Hyper-resoponders.

What is a Hyperabsorber or Hyper-responder?

A hyper-responder refers to above average response to a statin,.. a.k.a. Normal absorption or even low absorption. Statins only modulate synthesis/hepatic (liver) production of cholesterol.

There are basically 2 ‘sets’ of receptors, like gates or valves regulating fats/bile acids/cholesterol from outside (exogenous) the body: plant cholesterols (very toxic) & animal cholesterols (beef, pork, chicken, fish, etc.)
A) NPC1L1 is the first gateway into the body.
B) ABCG5 & 8 are the next set of receptors before fats/cholesterol, can finally enter the body.

In the 4S study, the 25% of patients who were hyperabsorbers, saw a nearly – 17% INCREASE in heart attack, stroke & all combined CV endpoints,.. while on simvastatin,.. !!. Approximately, 1 in 4 people are hyperabsorbers. They are born with a L.O.F./Loss Of Function a.k.a. “defect” in the ABCG5 & 8 receptors. So, now plant sterols can enter the body. Even in a person with ‘normal’ function, some will get through. However, the same receptors are also located in the liver to retrieve and dispose of the trace amounts of plant sterols that do ‘get through’. A loss of function at the intestine (“entrance”), as well as the liver (“exit”), results in retention or accumulation within the body, of these toxic plant sterols.

What Are Plant Sterols?

Sterols are precursors of cholesterol, only from plant sources. They are “alien” to the human body, and if they accumulate, they are toxic.

How Do They Work For Hyper Absorbers?
Hyperabsorbers have an L.O.F., Loss Of Function in the ABCG5/8 & Therefore, they are at much higher risk than those who have the full function to remove plant sterols from the body.

Why is Microbiome Plus More Effective Than Leading Prescribed Drugs in Reducing Plant Sterols?

One of the leading drugs only modulates the NPC1L1,.. however, Microbiome Plus induces an increase a.k.a. “Upregulation” in the ABCG 5/8 receptors. These receptors are selective for plant sterols. Unlike leading drugs, Microbiome Plus also deconjugates (manipulates bile acid). Bile acid are a form of cholesterol made in the liver to digest fats (see below). This dual-mechanism may be why Microbiome Plus reduces absorption significantly more than leading drugs. The bile acids and all other fats/cholesterol, including plant sterols, have to be carried across an undisturbed water barrier, a lining of water between the contents of the intestine and the cells lining the wall of the intestine. This is critical, since any of these fats/cholesterol that are eventually absorbed, have to be first carried through by a micelle (see below).

Hyperabsorbers have an L.O.F.


 carried through by a micelle

Microbiome Plus Probiotics and Prebiotics

“Leading drugs significantly lowered plasma sitosterol and campesterol, by 21% and 24% from baseline, respectively. In contrast, patients who received placebo had increases in sitosterol and campesterol of 4% and 3% from baseline, respectively. For patients treated with Leading drugs, mean plasma levels of plant sterols were reduced progressively over the course of the study. The effects of reducing plasma sitosterol and campesterol on reducing the risks of cardiovascular morbidity and mortality have not been established.”

“There was a significant effect of L. reuteri NCIMB 30242 supplementation in the absolute concentrations of plasma campesterol (P=0.025), sitosterol (P=0.031), stigmasterol (P=0.042) and total plant sterols (P = 0.027) over the course of the study, as campesterol, sitosterol, stigmasterol and total plant sterols were decreased by 41.5%, 34.2%, 40.7% and 38.9% respectively, from baseline to end point relative to placebo.”

Microbiome Plus decreased sitosterol 34.2% vs Leading drugs at 21%, an additional 39% relative decrease.

Microbiome Plus decreased campesterol 41.5% vs Leading drugs at 24%​, an additional, 42% relative decrease.




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